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Positioning systems Archives - Parshvi Technology (I) Pvt. Ltd.

More flexibility in wiring concepts

Indirect wiring via a hub / gateway reduces cable spaghetti in machines

Designers have to consider a wide range of factors when selecting the most appropriate positioning system for format changeovers – and likewise when identifying the most efficient wiring concept inside the machine.

Indirect wiring with the PSE / PSS / PSW 3 series

There are two ways to connect PSE / PSS / PSW positioning systems to the machine’s central control unit. As well as direct wiring, it is also possible to connect small drives to the central control unit indirectly using a hub / gateway. The 3-series of positioning systems from halstrup-walcher offers machinery developers’ complete flexibility – not only can they choose the torque, protection class and bus communication but also the wiring system.

Indirect wiring connects the positioning systems to the central control unit via an industry standard hub and cable. Compared to direct wiring in a series or ring configuration, bundling the cables creates a much tidier machine interior. Each hub / gateway combines a variety of the machine’s components into one unit. Two A- and D-encoded cables or one Y-encoded hybrid cable are connected to the positioning system itself.
Here is a brief description of the two methods:

Single connector solution using a hybrid cable

IIndirect wiring via a hub as a single connector solution using a hybrid cable

For Ethernet-based buses, the positioning systems are supplied with a connection for Y-encoded connectors (optional). Industry standard hubs and standard cables are used to connect the positioning system to the central control unit. However, the cable must be spliced for the power supply. The positioning system itself is connected to just a single
Your advantage: The solution significantly reduces the work involved in wiring each positioning system in the machine during setup. Moreover, it minimises the potential for errors during wiring.

Wired using standard connections

Indirect wiring of the standard version via a hub

 The PSE / PSS / PSW 3-series positioning systems can also be connected with the central control unit indirectly via a hub / gateway for Ethernet-based buses (without Sercos). The power supply is provided via an A-encoded cable while a D-encoded cable is connected to a hub / gateway for bus communication. The second standardised connection for transmitting the bus signal (hub function of the positioning system in series/ring configuration) is not used here.

Indirect wiring with the HIPERDRIVE range

The HDA 70 and PSE 441 in the HIPERDRIVE range canbe connected to the control unit via the HIPERDRIVE Hub. The hub can control up to eight drives and also has power fuses, which relieves the load on the control cabinet. The hub converts the commands from the bus communication into standard signals (RS 485). If only the bus communication has to be changed from one version of a machine to another (because the positioning systems can remain unchanged), the machine tool manufacturer only has to switch to a hub with the appropriate bus – this minimises time consuming alterations and the need to maintain stocks of different versions of the system.

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Indirect wiring of up to eight positioning devices via the HIPERDRIVE Hub

Helping format changeover helpers

Modular positioning systems offer flexibility for machine tool builders –
now also available with IO-Link

In contrast, halstrup-walcher, a global market leader in the area of positioning systems, puts its trust in extremely compact units, which are available in a very extensive range of modular systems:

    • Torques from 1 to 25 Nm
    • Selection of IP protection classes: IP 54, IP 65, IP 68
    • Selection of on-board bus communication protocols: Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, Ethernet-IP, Modbus, Sercos, EtherCat, DeviceNet, Powerlink and IO-Link

The key advantage: when you change the IP protection class or the bus communication, all the relevant connection dimensions remain the same. This enables the machine builder to “convert“ an existing machine to the customer‘s wishes extremely quickly.

Of the field buses, IO-Link plays a particularly important role. Actually, IO-Link is not a bus communication but a “peer to peer“ connection which bridges the final metre between a field bus and the sensors / actuators. The purpose of this exercise is to be able to use the same communication (IO-Link) for the sensor and actuator in every version of the machine while the gateway permits the use of any
customer-specific field bus. This approach is an optimum solution for accommodating the wide range of sensors and actuators.

Until now, IO-Link has been used predominantly by sensor manufacturers. The inclusion of IO-Link in “PSE / PSS / PSW“ positioning systems makes halstrup-walcher the first supplier of decentralised actuator systems that also supports this concept. The system provides the best possible adaptability in terms of the criteria described above under “Level 2“ – and simultaneously offers optimum support for the fast, precision positioning tasks stated under “Level 1“. The following details will be of interest to practical engineers:

  • The PSE / PSS / PSWpositioning system with IO-Link is a single cable solution that uses the same cable for the power supply and data transmission. Standard, unshielded M12 cables can be used.
  • The so-called “time stamp“ process is supported. This guarantees that the format changeover is always started at the desired time and the control module can transmit the corresponding run commands in good time – the PSE / PSS / PSW positioning system with IO-Link is then even able to start when the time stamp has been reached. This is very useful, especially for synchronising the start of format changeover processes.

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Integration of automated format changeover into machine concepts

Modularity and monitoring for automated format adjustment

Most mechanical engineers have long recognized that the ability to switch machine formats automatically is a huge advantage, saving an enormous amount of time over methods using hand wheels. Plus, automation also minimizes the amount of material wasted, as the format adjustments are always precisely reproducible and autocorrecting.

A drive technology manufacturer specializing in positioning  systems and format changeovers, halstrup-walcher has come out with a new generation of PSE/PSS/PSW products, adding two important items to the list of advantages that the company already offers its customers:

Have a look at how positioning systems PSE are integrated into a machine

  1. An extensive modular system allows mechanical engineers to adjust bus communication and the IP protection class to meet the needs of a given customer – all without changing relevant dimensions. This feature noticeably reduces the amount of work involved in making the changes and adaptations needed for meeting a customer’s specific machine concepts.
  2. A large number of system parameters are continuously reviewed to support the machine‘s condition monitoring, a feature that results in improved availability.

What makes this possible is an integrated product family designed for all three relevant IP protection classes: IP54 (PSE), IP65 (PSS) and IP68 (PSW). None of the models requires an additional, bulky bus distributor, because bus communication takes place directly on board in halstrup-walcher positioning systems. The need for bulky exterior packaging for higher IP protection classes is eliminated here as well – an important benefit for any mechanical engineer, given how tight installation spaces always are.

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Format changeover in wood-processing machines

Changing formats with today’s machines – Preventive maintenance and batch size 1

“It‘s quality that counts!“ Whenever a purchasing manager in the furniture industry was going to buy a wood processing machine ten or twenty years ago, that was the advice his production colleagues gave him. Naturally the purchase price had to be right too, and not least the delivery time.

It‘s more complicated nowadays. Of course, the quality, price and delivery time still have to be right. But the production manager in a furniture factory must make sure of two things in particular: that he can change to new formats as quickly as possible (first “a slim cabinet, then a bulky chest of drawers, followed by a small table“) and that the expensive machine keeps running and doesn‘t stop suddenly.

The creation of modern interior designs – by robust and flexible machines

Mention a woodworking business in the Black Forest to an architect, hotelier or house builder in a major city such as Frankfurt or Berlin and he will probably imagine an ancient workshop teaming with carpenters plying their humble trade with traditional tools.

The reality is quite different. Becherer Möbel-Innenausbau GmbH in Elzach is the perfect antidote to this outdated picture. Here, in a workspace covering an area of 4,000 square meters, 45 highly motivated employees manufacture modern wooden furniture and interior furnishings. A handsome administration building completes the ensemble – and the adjacent logistics hall has even won an architectural award. Is this truly the home of a Black Forest carpenter?

Made-to-measure format changeovers in bottling plants

With the halstrup-walcher PSE positioning system

When the operating managers of major breweries present their state-of-the-art bottling plant, they wash a large number of bottles very quickly. The visitor is amazed as these fragile vessels are propelled through the machine. However, an experienced manager knows the importance of speed when the bottles are not moving. This machine is designed so that changeover downtime is no longer significant and changeover precision does not vary. The plant can afford more frequent changeovers and support a more flexible operation. The example of bottle inspection machines makes this particularly clear.

Machines for inspecting empty bottles, such as the Linatronic 735 made by the bottling specialist Krones AG, monitor washed reusable bottles for dirt and damage. A reliable standard of bottle washing quality within the bottling plant translates directly into greater safety for the consumer – reusing bottles should not mean compromising on the hygiene and proper condition of the bottles!

PSE Positioning systems let you configure your system exactly your needs

At the same time, this requires a high level of flexibility as the bottle inspector must be capable of monitoring a wide range of bottle formats. For the operating manager, a hygienic design that can be adjusted automatically at the touch of a button to different bottle types equates to reproducibility and efficiency!

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Fast, fully automated adjustment to different packaging formats with smart positioning systems

Automated positioning replaces manual adjustment

Fast and flexible format changeovers are vital for maximising the efficiency of automated packaging lines. Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a market leader in top-loading packaging machines (TLM) and therefore decided to invest in positioning systems (PSE) from halstrup-walcher GmbH to switch between package formats. Positioning systems use intelligent control system technologies to adjust the various axles of a machine to the packaging format specified for the product. This saves time, reduces the number of rejects, prevents machinery standstills caused by incorrect settings and thus ensures high quality standards.

“Standardisation makes an important contribution to a company’s efficiency and performance. And this is exactly what our customers are looking for in product packaging solutions,” explains Rolf Bögelein, control technician at Gerhard Schubert GmbH. The company manufactures packaging machines and other technology products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing sectors. Well-known customers include Nestlé, Danone and Unilever.

Automatic adjustment of the glue application module for gluing boxes: It is vital to apply exactly the right amount of adhesive in exactly the right place.

Positioning systems can perform format changeovers in packaging machines quickly, precisely and at the touch of button.

Intelligent technology for easy handling

Positioning systems can perform format changeovers at the touch of a button – quickly and precisely for a number of axles at the same time. halstrup-walcher’s intelligent positioning systems move to their specified target positions, monitor their own position and report this information back to the control unit. For example, the application module for gluing the boxes must be correctly adjusted because it is vital to apply exactly the right amount of adhesive in exactly the right place.

The absolute distance measuring system helps to maintain the specified position with outstanding accuracy. It does not require a power supply or battery and thus operates reliably without the need for maintenance. It records a change in position, e.g. due to manual turning, even when no power supply is connected. In addition, it will send a message to the control unit reporting that the axle has been turned manually. In contrast to other similar systems, the absolute measuring system records the revolutions directly on the output shaft rather than in the motor. Consequently, gear backlash has no impact on the accuracy of the measurements.