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Format changeover in packaging machines

Fast, fully automated adjustment to different packaging formats with smart positioning systems

Automated positioning replaces manual adjustment

Fast and flexible format changeovers are vital for maximising the efficiency of automated packaging lines. Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a market leader in top-loading packaging machines (TLM) and therefore decided to invest in positioning systems (PSE) from halstrup-walcher GmbH to switch between package formats. Positioning systems use intelligent control system technologies to adjust the various axles of a machine to the packaging format specified for the product. This saves time, reduces the number of rejects, prevents machinery standstills caused by incorrect settings and thus ensures high quality standards.

“Standardisation makes an important contribution to a company’s efficiency and performance. And this is exactly what our customers are looking for in product packaging solutions,” explains Rolf Bögelein, control technician at Gerhard Schubert GmbH. The company manufactures packaging machines and other technology products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing sectors. Well-known customers include Nestlé, Danone and Unilever.

Automatic adjustment of the glue application module for gluing boxes: It is vital to apply exactly the right amount of adhesive in exactly the right place.

Positioning systems can perform format changeovers in packaging machines quickly, precisely and at the touch of button.

Intelligent technology for easy handling

Positioning systems can perform format changeovers at the touch of a button – quickly and precisely for a number of axles at the same time. halstrup-walcher’s intelligent positioning systems move to their specified target positions, monitor their own position and report this information back to the control unit. For example, the application module for gluing the boxes must be correctly adjusted because it is vital to apply exactly the right amount of adhesive in exactly the right place.

The absolute distance measuring system helps to maintain the specified position with outstanding accuracy. It does not require a power supply or battery and thus operates reliably without the need for maintenance. It records a change in position, e.g. due to manual turning, even when no power supply is connected. In addition, it will send a message to the control unit reporting that the axle has been turned manually. In contrast to other similar systems, the absolute measuring system records the revolutions directly on the output shaft rather than in the motor. Consequently, gear backlash has no impact on the accuracy of the measurements.