Our Cutting-Edge Instrumentation Product Portfolio

🚀 Exciting News for Pharma and Biotech Industries! Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Instrumentation Product Portfolio 🚀🔬 Dear #Pharma and #Biotech professionals, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Instrumentation Product Portfolio designed exclusively for your industry’s unique needs! 🎉 In today’s dynamic landscape, precision and innovation are paramount for scientific breakthroughs. Our team has been hard at […]

Measuring air consumption

Determining air conditioning usage in a way that is fair to consumers With the P26 air consumption meter from halstrup-walcher For rental spaces in buildings such as shopping centres and office complexes, air conditioning costs are typically billed by square meters (resp. square feet), a practice that is often the subject of debate. This is […]

Maintenance of overpressure in cleanrooms

Do not put your cleanroom at risk halstrup-walcher maintains the overpressure – to prevent contamination Cleanrooms must be kept at a constantly higher pressure than their neighbouring areas in order to prevent infiltration of contaminated air from outside. This is not just required by the relevant standard ISO 14644-4. Every expert in this area knows […]

Mobile pressure calibration

With the KAL series from halstrup-walcher Regular calibration is a must for any pressure gauges used in HVAC applications, in clean rooms, in medical technology and mechanical engineering applications, or as service units. One way of doing this is to send these instruments to halstrup-walcher’s accredited DAkkS laboratory. In order to avoid having to disassemble pressure […]

Volume flow – drying vehicle finishes

Load-dependent volume flow for drying vehicle finishes Cost benefits for automakers The Volkswagen plant in Emden is a busy place. Located in the East Frisian region of Germany’s northwest coast, the facility and its over 8,000 employees will pass two major milestones this year, each of which would have produced considerable activity on its own: […]

Measuring and calibrating volume flow

Volume flow measurement comes of age From calibration to on-board compensation of pressure and temperature The importance of volume flow measurements to air quality and operating costs has been underestimated for many years. Yet there is now a growing recognition that excessive volume flow in air conditioning and process air systems sends operating costs spiraling […]

Format changeover in packaging machines

Fast, fully automated adjustment to different packaging formats with smart positioning systems Automated positioning replaces manual adjustment Fast and flexible format changeovers are vital for maximising the efficiency of automated packaging lines. Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a market leader in top-loading packaging machines (TLM) and therefore decided to invest in positioning systems (PSE) from halstrup-walcher […]

Format changeover – bottling plants

Made-to-measure format changeovers in bottling plants With the halstrup-walcher PSE positioning system When the operating managers of major breweries present their state-of-the-art bottling plant, they wash a large number of bottles very quickly. The visitor is amazed as these fragile vessels are propelled through the machine. However, an experienced manager knows the importance of speed […]

Format changeover – wood-processing

Changing formats with today’s machines – Preventive maintenance and batch size 1 “It‘s quality that counts!“ Whenever a purchasing manager in the furniture industry was going to buy a wood processing machine ten or twenty years ago, that was the advice his production colleagues gave him. Naturally the purchase price had to be right too, […]

Machine concepts with format changeover

Integration of automated format changeover into machine concepts Modularity and monitoring for automated format adjustment Most mechanical engineers have long recognized that the ability to switch machine formats automatically is a huge advantage, saving an enormous amount of time over methods using hand wheels. Plus, automation also minimizes the amount of material wasted, as the […]

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