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JUMO TYA 202 – Three-Phase Thyristor Power Controller in Three-Phase Economy Circuit (709062)

JUMO TYA 202 – Three-Phase Thyristor Power Controller in Three-Phase Economy Circuit (709062)

Data Sheet

Customer benefits

  • Quick startup times
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • A power controller for all load types
  • Precise device diagnosis
  • Overview of energy consumption


  • Industrial furnace construction
  • Drying plants
  • Glass industry
  • Plastics processing


  • LCD display with info line
  • Simple configuration of the device through plain text display
  • Setup program for configuration via USB interface
  • Transmission of the setup data is possible even without voltage supply to the device (USB port supplies power)
  • Close mounting possible
  • Network load optimization through dual energy management
  • Current limiting
  • Softstart function
  • Burst-firing operation
  • All versions feature protection type IP20
  • Load monitoring for the detection of partial load failure or load short-circuit “Teach-In”
  • Integrated diagnostic systems
  • Energy meter
  • RS422/485 interface
  • EtherCAT
  • JUMO mTRON T system bus
  • UL 508 approval

Product Details

The JUMO TYA 202 represents the systematic further development of the JUMO power controller technology. It switches resistive inductive loads using a three-phase current economy circuit in star-delta three-phase operation. The microprocessor controlled power controller displays all parameters in an LCD display with background lighting. It can be operated using the four keys at the front.
Thyristor power controllers are used where larger resistive and inductive loads have to be switched (e.g. in industrial furnace construction and plastics processing). The thyristor power controller consists of two anti-parallel switched thyristors, the insulted heat sink, and the control electronics. Thyristor power controllers up to a load current of 50 A can be either clipped to a 35 mm mounting rail or fitted to the wall on a mounting plate. Devices with a load current greater than 50 A can only be mounted on the wall. The TYA 202 works in burst-firing operation. In burst-firing operation, the phase angle of the first half-wave can be cut so that transformer loads can also be operated.

Available subordinate control loops are U, U2, I, I2, or P control. When using the subordinate control loop, power voltage fluctuations during control processes have no influence on the line segment to be controlled. The option of specifying a base load is available. To avoid high inrush currents, a softstart can be set. The thyristor power controllers meet the operating conditions of DIN EN 50178. The device has to be grounded in accordance with the regulations of the responsible energy supply company. The thyristor power controllers comply with VDE 0160 (5/88) and VDE 0106 Part 100 (3/83). The devices must be grounded as specified by the responsible energy supplier.

Data Sheet