Format changeover – wood-processing

Changing formats with today’s machines – Preventive maintenance and batch size 1

“It‘s quality that counts!“ Whenever a purchasing manager in the furniture industry was going to buy a wood processing machine ten or twenty years ago, that was the advice his production colleagues gave him. Naturally the purchase price had to be right too, and not least the delivery time.

It‘s more complicated nowadays. Of course, the quality, price and delivery time still have to be right. But the production manager in a furniture factory must make sure of two things in particular: that he can change to new formats as quickly as possible (first “a slim cabinet, then a bulky chest of drawers, followed by a small table“) and that the expensive machine keeps running and doesn‘t stop suddenly.

The creation of modern interior designs – by robust and flexible machines

Mention a woodworking business in the Black Forest to an architect, hotelier or house builder in a major city such as Frankfurt or Berlin and he will probably imagine an ancient workshop teaming with carpenters plying their humble trade with traditional tools.

The reality is quite different. Becherer Möbel-Innenausbau GmbH in Elzach is the perfect antidote to this outdated picture. Here, in a workspace covering an area of 4,000 square meters, 45 highly motivated employees manufacture modern wooden furniture and interior furnishings. A handsome administration building completes the ensemble – and the adjacent logistics hall has even won an architectural award. Is this truly the home of a Black Forest carpenter?

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