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Paper and manufactured board are easy materials to measure with any of our general-purpose infrared temperature sensors. They are generally non-reflective, so excellent results can usually be achieved straight out of the box with default settings.

Choose a sensor with an output type that suits any existing instrumentation, or install a new temperature monitoring system from scratch.

Detailed application notes: textile and paper industry (PDF)

High Ambient Temperatures

For areas where the air temperature is hot, such as the dryers in paper manufacturing, or the single facers in corrugated board manufacturing, our high-ambient sensors such as the PyroMini and PyroMiniBus can be used to good effect. There is no need to supply cooling fluid to the sensors, leading to savings in energy and cost.

Corrugated Board Manufacturing

Existing sensors often have analogue outputs such as thermocouple or 4-20 mA, and are easily replaced with modern, compact, low-cost Calex sensors, such as the PyroCouple.

New installations often suit a multi-channel system with digital RS485 Modbus communications, such as the PyroMiniBus.

Whatever your requirements, Calex has a range of infrared temperature sensors that will be suitable.

Infrared temperature measurement in corrugated board manufacturing (PDF)


Infrared thermometry has also proved beneficial to printing companies. Both the basic products printers use, and the finished material they produce, have been significantly improved where infrared sensors have been applied.

Detailed application notes: printing and graphic arts (PDF)