Machine concepts with format changeover

Integration of automated format changeover into machine concepts

Modularity and monitoring for automated format adjustment

Most mechanical engineers have long recognized that the ability to switch machine formats automatically is a huge advantage, saving an enormous amount of time over methods using hand wheels. Plus, automation also minimizes the amount of material wasted, as the format adjustments are always precisely reproducible and autocorrecting.

A drive technology manufacturer specializing in positioning  systems and format changeovers, halstrup-walcher has come out with a new generation of PSE/PSS/PSW products, adding two important items to the list of advantages that the company already offers its customers:

Have a look at how positioning systems PSE are integrated into a machine

  1. An extensive modular system allows mechanical engineers to adjust bus communication and the IP protection class to meet the needs of a given customer – all without changing relevant dimensions. This feature noticeably reduces the amount of work involved in making the changes and adaptations needed for meeting a customer’s specific machine concepts.
  2. A large number of system parameters are continuously reviewed to support the machine‘s condition monitoring, a feature that results in improved availability.

What makes this possible is an integrated product family designed for all three relevant IP protection classes: IP54 (PSE), IP65 (PSS) and IP68 (PSW). None of the models requires an additional, bulky bus distributor, because bus communication takes place directly on board in halstrup-walcher positioning systems. The need for bulky exterior packaging for higher IP protection classes is eliminated here as well – an important benefit for any mechanical engineer, given how tight installation spaces always are.

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