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Duct smoke detector KRM-X®

Duct smoke detector KRM-X®

KRM-X-2 duct smoke detector is designed for smoke detection in ventilation ducts. The detector is a combination of a smoke detector and an adapter system. The adapter system has been specially designed for optimal air flow through the smoke detector. KRM-X-2 detectors are for 24 Vac/dc supply voltage.

Brand : Oppermann Regelgeräte GmbH


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Technical Details :

  • TurboTube – patented single tube air sampling system
  • EasyInstall and EasyFunction – quick and easy installation, intuitive ergonomic operation, modern design
  • DigiSense – automatic alarm threshold tracking up to 70 % contamination level and digital flow monitoring/display
  • Modbus / BACnet – optional bus interface
  • VdS approved (number G219046 / G219053)
  • Testing based on DIN EN 54-27
  • Protection class IP65
  • DiBt registered Z-78.6-249 (DZ models)
  • Alarm indication with red LED combined with reset button
  • Digital contamination display on 2-digit LED segment display
  • Maintenance and power supply indication via LED
  • Power supply 24 V AC/DC or 230 V AC ± 10%
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Registered design


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