Wood­working machines

Where our positioning systems are used: Format changeover in woodworking machines at Becherer Möbel-Innenausbau.

The fact that format changeover has become part of today’s woodworking industry for a long time, can be seen very clearly in the example of edge banding machines. Anyone who supplies individual furniture with high quality demands is significantly helped by the automation of the adjustment axes. halstrup-walcher positioning systems have the task of implementing every format change to the next type of edge, precisely and quickly, and are absolute reliability. Becherer has been using a machine with format changeover for 10 years and is convinced by the precise adjustment and reliability.

In other words, the company’s customers are sophisticated. In order to satisfy their high standards, Becherer employs its own interior designers and technical draughtsmen. It has also used CAD programs in every aspect of its design processes and modern CNC machines in its manufacturing for many years. The spacious production hall is home to a large number of highly automated woodworking machines made by the renowned manufacturer HOMAG. These are notable for both their robust and flexible design.

As well as CNC processing, one of the most important elements is the edge banding machine. Each chipboard element, whether it is destined to become part of a table, wardrobe, ceiling element or room divider, has cut edges which must be covered with the appropriate veneer or solid wood edge banding. This requires a remarkable degree of flexibility because, in many cases, only 3 or 5 pieces will receive the same type of edge banding before the machine has to be adjusted yet again, e.g. from a narrow to a broad edge. In order to reduce costs and the time needed for these adjustments, all HOMAG edge banding machines are fitted with “positioning systems” from halstrup-walcher.

These positioning systems are responsible for executing every format change to the next type of edge banding precisely and quickly. In practice, the machine operator simply inserts the new edge banding and enters the correct width measurement into the control panel. The mitre saw, the slitting knife and other tools move to the new horizontal and vertical positions in just a few seconds.

The machines never cease to amaze Magnus Becherer. “It is fascinating to see how such a large and powerful machine can operate with such extraordinary precision! For example, this HOMAG machine has been in operation here every day for over ten years without any unscheduled stoppages or significant problems. The PSE positioning systems from halstrup-walcher, in particular, are utterly reliable. These are the hard-working field components, which are the key to automating the machinery! Obviously, it is vital for us to avoid rejects and mistakes because the edge banding is often applied to parts that have already been processed using sophisticated and expensive techniques. However, we know that with HOMAG – and therefore also with halstrup-walcher – we are in the best hands!”

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