Measuring air consumption

Determining air conditioning usage in a way that is fair to consumers

With the P26 air consumption meter from halstrup-walcher

For rental spaces in buildings such as shopping centres and office complexes, air conditioning costs are typically billed by square meters (resp. square feet), a practice that is often the subject of debate. This is where the new P26 air meter from halstrup-walcher comes into play: the P26 works within the supply air for each rental space, where it adds up the actual amount of air consumed (in cubic meters or feet), making it as easy to track air conditioning costs as it is to track water or electricity costs.

The advantage for the building investor is that air conditioning can now be integrated into the building’s energy management. This is a welcome innovation for building owners who rent out commercial space, as it helps improve their property’s sustainability and allows them to target specific areas for savings.

Additional information

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