Maintenance of overpressure in cleanrooms

Do not put your cleanroom at risk

halstrup-walcher maintains the overpressure – to prevent contamination

Cleanrooms must be kept at a constantly higher pressure than their neighbouring areas in order to prevent infiltration of contaminated air from outside. This is not just required by the relevant standard ISO 14644-4. Every expert in this area knows hour air quality can quickly deteriorate if the overpressure falls by just a few Pascal even temporarily. In the area of semiconductors, dust particles and other pollutants threaten to compromise highly clean finished products. In the pharmaceutical sector, hazardous substances can penetrate highly critical medicines. Obviously, this must be prevented safely.

halstrup-walcher offers high precision pressure sensors, developed and manufactured on its own premises.

One of the company‘s specialist areas lies in the smallest measurement ranges such as those required in clean rooms. These sensors are integrated into three products, which cover every application: The P26 differential pressure transducer for mounting in control cabinets or wall mounting (from which pressure hoses lead to the clean rooms), as the PUC 28 panel version for direct installation in a clean room wall (where it is also possible to view readings for °C and %rF) and the high precision KAL 200 calibration device. This mobile calibration device powered by a rechargeable battery can be used to calibrate all pressure measurement locations regularly on-site and adjust them if required. A pressure generator inside the device generates the target pressure on-site and the internal sensor measures the pressure precisely for the calibration procedure. To ensure that contamination risks never occur in the future.

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Maintenance of overpressure in cleanrooms or mini-environments

Do not put your clean room at risk

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