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Free Chlorine Analyzer

Free Chlorine Analyzer

Key Features:

  • Rapid sensor response
  • Reduced maintenance due to ASR® automatic sensor cleaning
  • Durable sensor design allows for manual cleaning as needed
  • Stable and accurate measurement even in challenging water conditions
  • No flexible membrane or electrolytic gel replacement
  • No reagents or consumable
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • EPA method 334.0 compliant


Brand : Kuntze


Specifications of the kuntze measurement : 

Power requirements

Kuntze measuring instruments come standard with universal power supplies that accept:

Standard: 85-265 vac 50-60 hz.
Optional: 24 vdc versions available

Flow requirements

Flow pressure minimum: 5 psi at 20c
Flow pressure maximum: 87 psi at 68f or 6 bar at 20c
Flow rate minimum: 9 gph or 35 l/hr
Flow rate maximum: na

The argon stabiflow flow regulator is designed to manage and control the flow rate across the kuntze zirkon measuring electrodes. This ensures proper dis measurement and improves overall sensor life expectancy.

The internal diaphragm regulates the analyzer outlet to 8 gph or 30 l/hr

Inputs / outputs

Kuntze amperometric chlorine measuring technology complies with epa method 334.0 hardware guidelines.

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