ACS-13A | Digital Indicating Controller

ACS-13A | Digital Indicating Controller

‘- Compact, Space saving
– 11-segment LCD adapted
– An easier viewing display, PV color switchable
– Console connector equipped (standard)
– Output rate-of-change function (standard)
– Multi-input, High-speed sampling
– Dirp-proof/Dust-proof
– Multiple options
Set value memory external selection
Serial communication
Heater burnout alarm output
Heating/Cooling control output
– Dimensions

Brand : Shinko


Compact, Space saving

48 x 48 x 62mm (W x H x D)
With panel interiors of 56mm, space is saved in the control panel area.
When a gasket (Drip-proof/Dust-proof, IP66) is used, the depth will be 54.5mm.


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