Intended use

Membrane level indicator to be used to control normally the medium or minimum level of bulk solids in silos or vessels. The models are certificated for use in potentially explosive Dust and Gas atmospheres as well as in hybride mixtures (Dust + Gas) hazardous areas.

These controllers consist of a switch actuated by a membrane and it is recommended for dusty and powdery, granulated and grainy bulk goods like dust, flour, grain, sand, plastic, etc. with an easy flow and a bulk density from 0.3 to 2.5 t/m3.


Technical data

NameMembrane level indicator
TypeCD-II-B3 – ref: 2201-A-002
CD-AII-B1 – ref: 2201-A-006
CD-AII-B5 – ref: 2201-A-004
B1 DustATEX II 1/2D Ex ta/tb IIIC T83 °C Da/Db
B3 DustATEX II 1/3D Ex ta/tc IIIC T63 °C Da/Dc
B5 Gas+DustATEX II 1/2D Ex ta/tb IIIC T83 °C Da/Db
ATEX 2G Ex ib IIC T6 Gb
Density of the product0,3 t/m3 – 2,5 t/m3
Ambient pressureAtmospherical
Maximum pressure+1 bar
Cable entryM20x1,5
Maximum voltage250 V AC
Contact function1 NO + 1 NC
Capacity of the contact:
CD (B1 and B3)4 A / 250 V AC (for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads reduce at 50%
CD (B5)Uo < 30 V DC; Ii < 100 mA
Ambient temperature:
CD-20° C – +60° C
CD (B1 and B5)-25° C – +80° C
ProtectionAccording to DIN EN60529
CD: IP65
CD (B1 and B5): IP66
WeightCD: 0,49 Kg
CD (B1 and B5): 0,95 Kg
Sensitivity150 – 2.000 g adjustable
HousingCD (B3): Glass reinforced Polyester
CD (B1 y B5): Aluminum
MembraneStainless Steel 1.4301
Mounting ring and screwsStainless Steel 1.4301
Cable glandCD (B3): Polyamide
CD (B1 and B5): Niquel-plated Brass
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