Differential Pressure Transmitter 982R

Differential Pressure Transmitter 982R

The differential pressure transmitters of the 982R series are used to measure differential pressure, overpressure and vacuum. They provide one adjustable pressure range and one output signal. Monitoring of gaseous, non-combustible and non-aggressive media.

The end of the pressure range can be reduced to 50% of its factory set full scale value simply by the use of a push-button.

Brand : Beck


Applications : 

  • Building automation, air conditioning systems and clean room monitoring
  • Valve and flap control
  • Filter, ventilator and blower monitoring
  • Control of air flows


Technical Data : 

  • Setting ranges:

    TypePressure ranges betweenOverload capacity
    982R.6230 and 100 Pa60 kPa
    982R.6330 and 250 Pa60 kPa
    982R.6430 and 500 Pa75 kPa
    982R.6530 and 1 kPa75 kPa
    982R.6630 and 2,5 kPa85 kPa
    982R.6730 and 5 kPa85 kPa
    982R.6830 and 10 kPa85 kPa
    982R.6930 and 25 kPa135 kPa
    982R.6A30 and 50 kPa200 kPa
    982R.6B30 and 100 kPa200 kPa


  • Temperature range:
    Working and Storage temperature from –20°C to +70°C


  • Process connection:
    6,0 mm hose connection


  • Supply voltage:
    3-wire type:
    18 to 30 VAC / VDC
    2-wire type:
    18 to 30 VDC


  • Output signal:
    • 3-wire type:
    • 0 – 10 VDC or
    • 4 – 20 mA
    • 2-wire type:
    • 4 – 20 mA


  • Electrical connection:
    Spring terminals for wires and leads up to 1.5 mm2 or circular connectors M12 / 4-pole


  • Protection class:
    IP54 with protection cover acc. to EN 60529

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