Differential Pressure Transmitter 988

Differential Pressure Transmitter 988

The differential pressure transmitters of the 988 series are used to measure differential pressure and overpressure.

Monitoring of liquid and gaseous, non-flammable and non-aggressive media.

Brand :  Beck


Applications : 

  • Building automation
  • Measurement technology in the sanitary and industrial sector
  • Differential pressure measurement between supply and return in heating systems
  • Monitoring of filters, fans and compressors
  • Cooling systems for heating / air conditioning


Technical Data : 

  • Pressure range
    For an optimal adaptation to the application, different pressure ranges are available. The measurement is carried out by a ceramic pressure measuring cell, temperature-compensated via internal PTC.


  • Output signal
    In the 3-wire version there is an output signal of 0 … 10 V, or 4 … 20 mA available. For the 2-wire version the transmitter provides an output signal of 4 … 20 mA.


  • Electrical connection
    The electrical connection of the transmitter is optionally available with a 4-pin standardized device plug according to DIN EN 175301 Form A, or with a 4-pin M12 flange plug, A-coded, according to DIN EN 61079.


OEM versions, assembled versions and different connection threads, as well as other measuring ranges are available on request.

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