Differential pressure transmitter P 29

Differential pressure transmitter P 29

Special features

  • High level of accuracy and long-term stability through automatic zero-point calibration
  • Easy configuration of the measuring range, analog output, time constants and units via PC or keyboard (optional)
  • Measurement of differential pressure or volumetric flow / flow rate possible
  • Multilingual menu (English/German/Italian/French)
  • Multi-coloured Display with keyboard for configuration of the pressure transmitter (optional)
  • Suitable for top-hat rail mounting and wall surface installation
  • Silicon-free materials for parts in contact with medium
  • Selectable output signal 0 .. 10 V, 0/4 .. 20 mA or ± 5 V
  • Selectable attenuation of the output signal from 0 .. 60 s
  • Can be calibrated
  • High level of overpressure protection even in the smallest measuring ranges protects the instrument against pressure peaks or incorrect operation
  • Quick and easy start-up due to automatic zero-point calibration
  • Pressure Ports: Laboratory nozzle optional with cutting ring connectorsTÜV-certified differential pressure transmitter for measurement for natural gas applications without Ex-zone requirements.


TÜV-certified differential pressure transmitter for measurement for natural gas applications without Ex-zone requirements.

The pressure transmitter is particularly suitable for measuring volume flow of town gas supplies or other gaseous hydrocarbons such as butane, methane etc. in industrial furnaces or combustion plants. The instrument does not generate any ATEX zone as its design and technical safeguards mean it poses no ignition hazard. The measuring range is scalable in the range from 10 .. 100 %. This can be performed using a keyboard and display (optional). The measured values can be displayed in all standard units. A selectable time constant allows the transducer to be adjusted perfectly to the pressure conditions and thus ensures a stable output signal. The P 29 can be mounted either on a wall or on top-hat rails.

Measurement ranges
250 / 500 Pa
1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 kPa
freely scalable from 10 .. 100 % within a measurement range
(others available on request)

Margin of error
± 0.2 % of max. value or ± 0.5 % of max. value (standard)
(0.3 Pa margin of error for the reference)

0 .. 10 V (RL ≥ 2 kΩ),
0 .. 20 mA (RL≤ 500 Ω)
4 .. 20 mA (RL ≤ 500 Ω)
± 5 V (RL ≥ 2 kΩ)
(output signals can be configured freely)

Power supply 
24 VDC, ± 10 %

Display (optional)
multicoloured LCD and keyboard

Tubing connections
Standard for tubing NW 5 .. 8 mm or
Cutting ring coupling 8 mm

Differential pressure transmitter P 29

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