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Digital Indicating Controllers (BCx2 series)

Digital Indicating Controllers (BCx2 series)

‘-Convenient Initial setting mode
-AT on startup function
-Simplified Program control
-Simplified converter function
-A variety of Event Input/Output functions
-Large, easy-to-view, 5-digit PV, SV Displays
-Compact, 60 mm-deep control panel interior
-Simple settings from a PC
-Drip-proof/Dust-proof IP66


Brand : Shinko


New standard controllers! BCx2 series, Shinko’s digital indicating controllers are succession models of the JC series, with remarkable enhancement in operation, control performance, function, visibility, and compactness, etc.
Convenient Initial setting mode! In this mode, frequently used setting items are collected. Control can be started by setting those items in this mode.
AT on startup function! This function can be used when usual AT cannot be performed normally due to temperature fluctuations. PID parameters can be calculated only when the temperature is rising.

‘AT on startup’ action

(1) Calculates AT (from startup, until PV is stabilized at SV)
(2) PID constants calculated
(3) Controls with PID constants set by the ‘AT on startup’.

Simplified Program control! The 9-step pattern is a standard feature.
Time signal output and Pattern end output can be selected in [Event output allocation].-Number of patterns: 1
-Number of steps: 9
-Step SV: Scaling low limit value to Scaling high limit value
-Step time: 00:00 to 99:59 (Unit: Hours:Minutes, Minutes:Seconds)
-Wait value: 0 to Converted value of 20% of input span (or scaling span)
-Power restore action: Stop/Continue/Suspend (on hold)
-Program control start type: PV start/PVR start/SV start
-Number of repetitions: 0 to 10,000Program pattern example
Simplified converter function! For DC current output type, the controller can be used as a converter.
Input signal is converted to insulated 4 to 20 mA DC, and outputted at the converted value.
A variety of Event Input/Output functions! A maximum of 2 points of Event input (optional), and 2 points of Event output (1 point is standard).
Selectable from various Input/Output choices: Alarm output, Heater burnout alarm output (optional), Loop break alarm output, Time signal output, Pattern end output, etc.
Large, Easy-to-view, 5-digit PV, SV Displays! Large, easy-to-view, 5-digit PV, SV Displays, useful for indicating a wide range of measurement ranges.
-BCD2: Character size 24 x 11 mm (H x W)
-JCD-33A: Character size 18 x 8 mm (H x W)
Compact, 60 mm-deep control panel interior! With a depth of only 60 mm, the BCx2 series is ideal for mounting in nearly any control panel situation.
-BCD2: Depth of control panel interior 60 mm
-JCD-33A: Needs a control panel interior of 98.5 mmComparing BCD2 and JCD-33A
Simple settings from a PC By connecting the BCx2 to a PC using the tool cable (sold separately), and by using dedicated software, various settings can be carried out. Wiring of BCx2 is not necessary as power to the BCx2 is supplied by PC via USB.

Dedicated software can be downloaded from Shinko website (Support & Downloads)
BCx2 series console software (SWC-BCx01M)

Drip-proof/Dust-proof IP 66 IP66 structure (for the front panel) allows usage in harsh environments where the controller is exposed to water or dust.