DPT-CR-MOD – for cleanroom monitoring

DPT-CR-MOD – for cleanroom monitoring

Cost-efficient solution for monitoring cleanroom conditions
DPT-CR-MOD is a differential pressure transmitter designed specially for cleanroom monitoring. In addition to differential pressure, the device enables monitoring temperature and relative humidity. A 0…10 V voltage input of an external humidity and temperature transmitter (for example Siro-rH-T) can be connected to the input terminal of the device. In this case, all three measured values (differential pressure, relative humidity, temperature) can be shown simultaneously on the display. Alternatively, a passive temperature sensor can be connected to the input terminal. DPT-CR-MOD is compatible with Modbus serial communication protocol.
DPT-CR-MOD is used for monitoring and controlling differential pressure, relative humidity and temperature in cleanrooms.

Brand : HK Instruments


DPT-CR-MOD measures the pressure difference between the cleanroom and the anteroom and sends the information to the automation system via Modbus to maintain optimal conditions in the cleanroom. DPT-CR-MOD is connected to the Siro indoor air quality transmitter that measures relative humidity and temperature. Siro sends the information to DPT-CR-MOD that shows it on its display, together with differential pressure measurement.


Communication:RS-485 Modbus (RTU)
Accuracy (from applied pressure):Pressure < 125 Pa = 1 % + ±2 Pa

Pressure > 125 Pa = 1 % + ±1 Pa

Zero point calibration:by pushbutton or via Modbus
Measuring units:Pressure: Pa, kPa, mbar, inchWC, mmWC, psi

Temperature: °C, °F

Supply voltage:24 VDC ±10 % / 24 VAC ±10 %
Power consumption:< 1.3 W
Output signal:via Modbus
Operating temperature:-20…+50 °C
Response time:1…20 s selectable via menu
Protection standard:IP54





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