EXcell 231 NIR Biomass Sensor Ø12mm

EXcell 231 NIR Biomass Sensor Ø12mm

  • EBC / FAU / mg/l / AU / OD or customer defined units
  • Standardized 12 mm design with integrated amplifier
  • No traditional transmitter necessary
  • Wearless sapphire windows, CIP-capable
  • Hygienic design, autoclavable
  • Maintenance free due to LED light source
  • Data output directly on PC, Modbus RS485 or 0…20 mA
  • Easy parametrization with EXpert software
  • Usable with retractable housings for automated sensor cleaning

Brand : Exner


EXcell 231 is a high precision digital NIR-absorbance sensor for monitoring production processes in the biotech, food and pharmaceutical industries. Its 12mm stainless steel design and non-wearing sapphire windows make the EXcell 231 a reliable and intelligent sensor with integrated digital amplifier. Different measuring units for absorbance, turbidity and mass like EBC / FAU / mg / l / AU / OD or customer-specific units can be issued. The sensor can be conveniently parameterized on the PC with the associated EXpert software and the measured data can be recorded and graphically displayed. In addition, a Modbus RS485 interface and an interface for a 0-20mA output with integrated a display for the measured value are available. The sensor is attached to the process via a PG13.5 thread. The process-side mounting dimensions correspond to a standardized pH sensor. The EXcell 231 sensor can therefore also be used in conjunction with process holders and fully automatic cleaning systems. In combination with our proven retractable process holders EXtract 8XX series and the associated EXmatic 460 control unit (fully automatic), automatic cleaning is also possible under process conditions, thus offering reliable use even in the most difficult applications.


Measuring range0…6 AU, 0…6600 EBC
Resolution0,01 AU
Accuracy± 1 %
Reproducibility≤ 1 % from final value
Wave length850 nm
Light sourceLED
Optical path length5 / 10 / 20 mm
Shaft length (mm)120 / 225 / 325 / 425
Wetted materialstainless steel 1.4435 (316L)
SurfaceRa <0.37 µm e-polished
Measuring windowsapphire
Process connectionthread PG13,5
Process temperature0…90 °C
Process pressuremax. 10 bar (150 psi)
Electrical coonectionFischer Core Series
Cable length2 m / 5 m
InterfacesUSB, RS485 Modbus, 0…20 mA with switching output
Protection classIP68


  • High accurate OD measurements up to 12 OD
  • Suitable for fermentation processes
  • Usable in small fermentation reactors
  • Cell growth measurement
  • Filter observation
  • Color independent concentration measurement

EXcell 231 NIR Biomass Sensor Ø12mm

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