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Flush-mounted pressure and level transmitter – PZM / VRM modular system…Series 200

Flush-mounted pressure and level transmitter – PZM / VRM modular system…Series 200

The digital pressure and level transmitters PIEZOMESS PZM / VARIMESS VRM – Series 100, with their O-ring seals, are suitable for pressure and level measurements without dead spaces, under strict cleanliness conditions, as well as for viscous and crystallising media. They have a modular, flush-mounted connection concept with various adaptors. An additional temperature sensor as a secondary measuring element provides the temperature measured on the sensor available on the display as additional information.  

The PIEZOMESS PZM / VARIMESS VRM – Series 100 consists of one basic device, which can be combined with various application-specific adaptors, e.g. welding sockets, DRD, VARIVENT, DIN 11851, Clamp, Flange DIN, etc. In combination with the advantages of digital electronics, e.g. a large measuring range and on-site adjustability, this concept results in clearly reduced storage space and spare parts and thus to a cost reduction in materials administration. During operation, various pressure units can be shown on the local display (OPUS), along with the sensor temperature as a secondary process indicator. The display and operating module has either been integrated into the field housing or is available as an external housing with a plug connection. The sensor-specific data are stored in a reference data memory and are made available to the microprocessor for evaluation purposes. 

The pressure sensors of the PIEZOMESS PZM series work according to the piezo-resistive measuring principle and are separated from the measuring material by a stainless steel membrane.     The pressure is transmitted via an oil filling that is safe for use with food. All parts that come into contact with the medium have been welded. The PIEZOMESS PZM type series has been specially designed for level measurements.

The pressure sensors of the VARIMESS VRM series are robust and overload-protected ceramic membranes that work according to the capacitive method. The pressure to be measured acts on the sensor via the flush-mounted stainless steel membrane and the low-volume oil supply to the sensor. The system has a high overload capacity due to its special design. The type series VARIMESS VRM is intended for pressure measurements, where pressure surges and cavitations are common.


  • Features
    • high precision ≤ ± 0,05% FS, turn down 10, vacuum safe
    • further scope of functions thanks to programmability
    • optional with HART® protocol
    • tank linearisation for standard tank shapes and special designs thanks to volumetric measurement with OPUSi
    • diagnosis function for monitoring of devices
    • copying of device parameters with easy transfer
    • integrated on-site display or external OPUSi display and operating module for parametrisation and display of measuring values
    • application strenght: highly precise measurement of content pressurised tanks / vacuum measurements with high temperatures
    • EHEDG-aseptic certified modular process connection system