HR-700 series

HR-700 series


‘- Compact
– Standard communication function
– Large LED display
– IP65
– Safety standards
– Spec



InputThermocouple, RTD, DC Current, DC Voltage
Number of inputs1-pen, 2-pen (Pen writing), 6-point (Dot printing)
Digital accuracy rating0.2%1digit or less
Recording accuracyMeasuring accuracy(0.3% of recording span)
Recording chartChart width; 100mm, Length; 16m
Printing methodPen type; Disposable felt pen (1-pen red, 2-pen green)
Dot printing type; Wire dot (6-color ink ribbon)
Recording periodPen type; Continuous recording for each channel
Dot printing type; Approx. 10 seconds (selectable from 10sec, 20sec, 30sec and 60sec)
Alarm functionAlarm output is not available. (The ALM indicator is lit)
(When alarm output is required, alarm output option has to be ordered.)
Alarm setting points; Max. 4 points (2 points each for high limit and low limit) can be set per channel.
Communication interfaceRS-232C (1200/2400/4800/9600bps)
Power supply100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
OptionsCommunication function (RS-485), DI function, Paper-empty detection function, Alarm output function


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