PSD 40

PSD 40

Integrated direct drive with Nema 17, horizontal construction

Special features

Space-saving, compact design

  • Maximum flexibility due to alignment as vertical or horizontal design (PSD 41) and the optional rotatable actuator housing
  • Galvanically separated supply voltages for control and performance electronics
  • Precise position feedback thanks to an absolute measurement system without battery
  • Easy and low-cost mounting via optional hollow shaft
  • Optional gearbox for more torque
    • Address may be set using the bus or an address switch (not for IO-Link)
  • Status LEDs visible from the outside

Direct drive PSD 40 is a mechatronic system with integrated control, bus interface and absolute measurement system without battery. This drive is ideal for automatic format changeover. The stepper motor with integrated control and bus communication permits higher velocities at lower torques.

The absolute measuring system at 986 ..4026 rotations eliminates the need for time-consuming reference runs and increases the efficiency of the machine. Direct measurement of the position ensures highly accurate positioning. The galvanically separated supply voltages for the control and performance electronics permit the implementation of an emergency shut-off function without interrupting communication with the control module.

The PSD can be easily addressed by rotary switches (not for IO-Link). The instruments can be mounted on a spindle using the hollow shaft without the need for an additional coupling. The direct drive is also available in vertical design (PSD 41). The optional rotatable attachment housing allows you to attach the direct drives to the machine in any position, no angle plugs are required.


Horizontal construction

Nominal torque / Nominal rated speed1) / max. speed
PSD 401: 0.8 Nm / 200 rpm / max. speed: 800 rpm at 0.3 Nm
PSD 403: 3 Nm / 50 rpm / max. speed: 200 rpm at 1.2 Nm

1) at rated torque, speed limitation see characteristic curve

Data interface
CANopen, IO-Link, PROFINET (further on request)

Positioning accuracy
± 1.8°

Output shaft
5 mm solid shaft or
8 or 14 mm hollow shaft with torque support

Positioning range
PSD 401: 4026 rotations
PSD 403: 986 rotations

Supply voltage
24 VDC ± 10 %

Protection class
IP 50 or IP 65 (optional)

PSD 40

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