Standard capsule pressure gauges Type D4

Standard capsule pressure gauges Type D4


  • With zero correction
  • Optional overpressure and/or underpressure safety 10 x FSD
  • Extremely low measuring ranges from 0/6 mbar
  • GOSSTANDART-certified


For gaseous, dry media which do not attack copper alloys.

! For measuring gas or vapour, observe the table “Selection Criteria as per EN 837-2” (see appendix)!



Nominal size100

Accuracy class (EN 837-3/6)1,6

Ranges (EN 837-3/5)See ordering table

Application area

Static load:Full scale value
Dynamic load:0.9 x full scale value
Overload safety:1.3 x full scale value
Operating temperature range

Medium:Max. 60 °C
Ambient:-20/+60 °C
Temperature performanceIndication error when the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the normal temperature of 20 °C:
at rising temperature approx. ± 0.6 %/10 K
falling temperature approx. ± 0.6 %/10 K
of full scale value

Degree of protection

NG 100:IP 54 (EN 60529)

Standard design

ConnectionBrass, bottom

Measuring elementCapsule element, CuBe alloy


Zero correctionFrom the front

SealNBR (Perbunan)

DialAluminium, white
Scaling black

PointerAluminium, black

HousingStainless steel 304

Bayonet type bezelStainless steel 304


D401:Instrument glass


  • Overpressure and underpressure safety 10 x FSD
  • Back flange
  • Panel mounting bezel, with window, plastic
  • 3-hole fixing, panel mounting bezel with window, plastic
  • Damping screw
  • Reference pointer
  • Special scales
  • Other process connections

Data sheet

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