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STR561 | Strain-gauge indicator / Panel meter

STR561 | Strain-gauge indicator / Panel meter

STR561 indicator with strain-gauge input is designed as a display for load cells and Melt pressure transducers (mV/V) and includes isolated power supply for the strain-gauge.

Conversion frequency programmable up to 1.2 KHz and resolution up to 24bit ensure high accuracy.

Different analog input calibration modes are selectable (sample weight, percent full-scale value, mV/V value).

Software features worth mentioning include multiple options for Tare management, Totalizer , Sum functions, process trend display with programmable time base or bar-graph with alarm/event thresholds.

An auto-configuration mode has also been implemented for some Dynisco Melt transducers, simplifying the settings required of the user.

Connectivity is provided by RS485 standard with Modbus RTU/Slave protocol.

STR561 interface is also quickly configurable via NFC with MyPixsys APP, without the need to power up the instrument or via multi-language text menus from the frontal keypad.

Brand : Pixsys


Main features

Dimensions : 96×48 (Front panel) x 48 mm (1/8Din)
Material Box: polycarbonate V0.
Front cover: silicone rubber
Weight Approx. 165 g
Sealing Front panel: IP65,
Box and terminal blocks: IP20
Operating conditions : Temperature 0..45 °C, humidity 35..95 RH%, max altitude 2000m
Certifications : CE, UL