The indicator with strain-gauge input STR561 is designed as display for load cells and pressure sensors and includes isolated power supply for the strain-gauge. The conversion frequency programmable up to 1.2 KHz and the resolution of up to 24bit ensure high levels of accuracy. Various calibration modes can be selected for the analogue input (sample weight, percentage value on scale base, mV/V value).


Software key functions include multiple options for calibration management, Totalizer and Sum functions, graphic visualization of process trend with programmable time basis or bar- graphs with alarm/event thresholds.
An auto-configuration mode has also been implemented for selected Dynisco melt pressure sensors, simplifying the initial set-up for the user. Connectivity is guaranteed by RS485 with Modbus RTU/Slave protocol.
For maximum flexibility of use, it is also possible to choose between horizontal or vertical installation.
Distinctive feature of the entire STR series is the innovative multilingual interface, with text menus allowing intuitive and quick navigation of parameters and visualization pages.
It is possible to choose among five languages and the comprehensive menu considerably reduces the need to consult technical manual for initial set-up.

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