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Temperature transmitter with display, programmable by NFC/RFID technology

Temperature transmitter with display, programmable by NFC/RFID technology

DST100 series integrates process reading and visualization with analogue retransmission of temperature value, allowing also to manage two activation thresholds by means of two PNP outputs.

This transmitters stands out in its product segment thanks to innovative and unique features: programming by NFC/RFID technology, independent rotation of display and electrical connector, selection of the analogue output by parameter as mA or Volt, scalability of measuring range of the nominal scale, integrated datalogger with programmable sampling time.

MyPixsys App – same as already in use for Pixsys signal converters and STR indicators – allows quick programming by Android smartphones without wirings and particularly useful for on site updates.


Main features

Box – 93 x 37 mm
Power supply = 15..30 VDC
Power consumption – Max 0,8 W
Operating conditions – Temperature -25..+85 °C, humidity 35..95 RH%
Material – Sensor housing steel AI316, display housing plastic
Weight – Approx. 189 g
Sealing – IP67 – FPM, NBR, EPDM

Technical data

Measuring range – – 50..150 °C
Sensor type – PT1000
Pressure connection – 1/2” GAS; 1/4” NPT; C50 (Clamp); DN50 (Food)
Electrical connection – EN175301-803-A (DIN43650-A); M12x1 5 Pole
Housing orientation – Display 335° rotatable – Electrical connection 343° rotatable
Sensor working temperature – – 25..+ 85°C
Accuracy – ± 0,2% F.S. @25°C