Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch for Liquids

Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch for Liquids


For free-flow liquids with liquids viscosity up-to 10,000cP.
Suitable for side as well as top mounting.
Minimum and maximum fail safe field selectable.
Flow/no-flow detection in pipe-lines.
PTFE/PFA/ECTFE coatings for corrosive liquids.
Process temperature max 200 ºC.
Process pressure max. 15 bar.

Brand : Trumen



Compact size.
Universal industrial power supply (15 to 80 VDC & 15 to 260 VAC).
Low power consumption.
No calibration required.
Customized process connections like Threaded/Flanged/Hygienic etc starting form 1/2″.
Various o/p available like DC PNP/NPN/ Two wire DC 8/16, Two wire AC and NAMUR.
External test option using magnet test key.
Remote electronics version available on request.
Exd version available-suitable for gas group IIC, T6 as per IEC 60079-1-2007 & IEC 600529-2001.


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